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Default Unlicensed Daycare

I kind of agree with everyone. We all have our own opinions. But I really agree with just because someone is unlicensed does not mean they aren't following the rules. Take me for instance, I've run a licensed home daycare for 21 years, but am really considering not renewing. It has nothing to do with the taxes, because heck yes I'm going to claim my earnings, because I want my parents to be able to claim it and I like getting all the deductions every year. I think people are fullish for not claiming their earnings and getting all the deductions for food, supplies..etc...My reason for not wanting to renew, is just because of all the requirements that keep changing. I've run daycare like I said for 21 years, have 3 grown boys and I think I'm just getting frustrated with people telling me how to run things. One thing for example is having a newborn who would be prefer to sleep in a car seat and the parents telling you that's what they do and please continue, but I have to tell the parents that it is not allowed because of licensing rules. Or having daycare children who watch your own kids get in the pool but they are not allowed to unless I let one child in at a time and than drain all the water. It's just plan silly. And I'm not sure about the rest of you, but my families become part of my family. We have cookouts, parties and have even gone on vacation together. I have a few parents that I had their child at age 3 and are now in college and we still hang out together. So for someone to tell me how to run my house is crazy! I would still follow most of the rules, like child proofing, first aid and CPR...but somethings are just plan ridiculous. Thanks I just needed to vent!
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