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Default Ignorance Among Coworkers: State Ratios

Today, I was working in the 2.5-3 year old classroom at my new job. The oldest in the room is nearly 3.5. The youngest turned 2.5 in July.

We had 10 children today. In NJ, this age group is a 1:10 ratio. So, I asked my coworker if it would be ok if I stepped out to grab something. She told me that if I left, she'd be out of ratio.

Now, I understand some centers don't follow state ratios and choose to have smaller teacher to child ratios, but my coworker was convinced that the ratio for her age was a 1:8 and that even among the 4 and 5 year olds the legal ratio was a 1:10 ratio. I don't know if her ignorance is because a couple months ago, it WAS a 1:8 ratio because she had a few younger children in the room or if the center follows lower ratios. (I did ask for an employee handbook/manual when I was hired, and I will ask again on Wednesday).

I also worked with an assistant director who thought the naptime ratio for a group of toddlers ages 18-24 months was a 1:20 ratio.(It's not.)

Shouldn't knowing state ratios be a standard part of the job description? I've been quized on the ratio in a classroom by state inspectors before. "I have 7 right now. The youngest is 2.5 the oldest is 3 and will be 4 in March. According to the state, this is a 1:10 ratio, but we try to follow a 1:8 ratio whenever possible).
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