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Originally Posted by CountryRoads View Post
i know I've vented about this before, but this time it is with a different parent.

Why are parents so afraid of making their children mad??

Dcg2 has a toy she is obsessed with. Mom left it at home and dcg starting whining for it at drop-off. Mom let her know that it was not in the bag, that it was at home. Dcg continued to whine, so dcm hands her the diaper bag and lets her take everything out to show her that it was not in there. What was the point?

The same thing happened at pick-up. Dcm let her take everything out AGAIN to show her that it was not in there.

What was so hard about saying. "Nope, not in there!. You can have it when we get home!"
Some where along the way parents began equating crying to bad parenting.
If their kid cries, it means the kid doesn't like them and they are a bad parent.

I always tell my daycare parents that any parent that says no, AND enforces it is an excellent parent in my book.

Kids are suppose to cry.
Kids are suppose to test boundaries.
It's what they do.

What YOU (as a parent) does defines your level of "greatness" on the parenting scale.
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