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That's drhe answer I was afraid of and what I keep telling my husband. Both parents work 2nd shift and since I'm not technically open 2nd shift me and the 2 grandmas take turns watching her. My sister (grandma 1) can't watch her Tuesday and Thursday nights and grandma 2 takes her on Fridays. But she is dropped off here everyday in the afternoon because he gmas work during the day. So either I completely lose he to another provider or I completely lose my family time in he evening. Neither of which I want to do I wish she would go to first shift soon but the mom likes having them all have family time in the morning so she doesn't want to switch shifts. I really don't think the gmas carry her around, at least I know my sister doesn't cause she's not like that. But I do know she gets all attention when she is there. I think I'm just stuck!
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