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You're not wrong at all. If Mom is so concerned about it then she needs to MAKE the time for her daughter. And besides, 30 minutes of reading can be done in 3 different 10 minute sessions as well.

If she does read for your group, make sure you pick a book at her level and make it a 10 minute read. The car ride to and from Daycare can be her other 2 sessions.

She kind of reminds me of the Mom that thinks the Daycare should be potty training her children.

I had a neighbor use me for fill in after care for her child and insisted the child do homework as soon as she arrived. I sort of raised my eyebrows at that one but allowed it since my son sat at the table and they both did their work. I'd look it over but if the child found something complicated I saved it for her Mom to do with her. Now we're talking 1st Grade homework - no reason at all that Mom couldn't do it with her as it took all of 10-15 minutes.

While I understand the work before play attitude, (as I had that with my first son) my 2nd son typically does his homework after supper. He looks forward to coming home from school and going out to play.

Sorry - I've gotten off the subject but I do feel that reading is homework when it's required to be 30 minutes a day.
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