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Originally Posted by AfterSchoolMom View Post
What would you do?

I had an interview recently and the Mom flat out told me that she wanted to go to the gym after work and would pick up after that. My contract states work and commute times only, and she'd be off work around 4, but wants to pick up at 5. I don't have any other "prospects" currently, and since I only do care for SA's, I'll be getting to the point soon where it will be too late to get more kids since school will be starting.

Should I allow this, or tell Mom no way?
I dont mean ANY disrespect or being rude but why do you even care? What would have happened if she lied to you and said she worked until 5:00 p.m.? I totally understand the contract blah blah etc etc..but if the parent is paying for the service then why should it matter? I guess that is what is so confusing to me with all these home providers

On the flip side, if you do indeed close at 4:30 then would just tell this parent no. But is it worth losing the income?
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