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Default Prepackaged Curriculum Burnout

I use a pre-packaged because my life is a bit over tasked for the next few years. At first the boxes were a huge relief and time saver...


I resent even opening the boxes, doing all the punch-outs and having to plan something for the other 9.45 hours a day we have left after completing their guides.

The projects are mostly all beige, bland, boring and >>>flame suit zipped<<< the activities and themes seem almost condescending to the average intelligence of the age group it is said to be created for....

We are BORED. Mind numbingly b.o.r.e.d..... I bring down the bins and the moaning starts kind of bored.

I know there are some great ones out there, but my budget took a hit buying a full year of the one we have (through next Sept.) and most of those are out of my financial reach.

Any ideas for a supplemental that is fun, bright, fresh and includes enrichment opportunities for those who may catch on quicker than others???

Thank you in advance!!!
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