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Every single thing children learn is part of their education, whether it comes from the mom and dad, their provider, the elementary school teacher or their best friend. We need to stay on the right track to teach these little ones honesty, respect, patience, empathy and compassion.

If a school teacher is calling their dcprovider 'two ton Teri' what is that teaching her dd? Just using that particular example because it was very recent on the forum.

We are all teachers, educators of some nature. I don't have a degree. Everything I have learned has been through hands-on experience and workshops.

I think far more important than a degree is a desire to help guide children into forming positive traits of acceptance, tolerance, wonderment, kindness. That child and I can open up the pages of a book and learn so much together. But first that child needs to feel loved and secure, feel the desire to learn(a depressed unloved scared child hasn't much room or time in her worried mind to learn anything).

Unregistered is rude; I wouldn't care what you taught or how well you taught it, sometimes a degree is merely a piece of paper to wave in front of people. Obviously you neglected to sign up for Tactful Kindness 101.

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