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Originally Posted by Play Care View Post
We purchased the current play kitchen when my own kids were young toddlers. They're now 9 & 10
The kitchen is fine, it's a nice Step 2. But it's got lots of parts - drawers and shelves that come out, a couple of removable bins, stickers, etc. you can guess what the littles do...

I feel that no one really plays with it, just take it apart or try to climb on it (though I think we finally nipped that business in the bud )

Rcently I had a grant and debated replacing the play kitchen with a wooden one. I went back and forth because they are so expensive and I would hate to spend that kind of money and have it take up room and no one play with it. But maybe they'd be more inclined to play with a newer kitchen especially if it's a bit bigger than what we have (more room, making it seem more real and less toy like?) I wound up not buying it but seriously considering it if another grant opportunity arises.
Any thoughts? Would you consider it?
Maybe if you just took the kitchen out for a while. Sometimes kids just need a change....then when you put it back a few months later it will be like new???
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