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Originally Posted by LittleExplorers View Post
I will administer them. My son has asthma and has used them from a very young age. However, for an infant, I would not. It can quickly turn bad with such little ones. For my son, using his neb at the first sign of a cold actually helps prevent it from turning into worse things like pneumonia, bronchilitis etc. I would want a physician's note to determine the diagnosis and go from there. It also would depend if the child fights them or is ok taking them.
I have a dcb that is 3 and he has asthma and they have brought his nebulizer here for me to do a treatment. Same thing, if he doesn't get it, he could be in much bigger trouble. It's the easiest thing to give it to him and it can help him from getting sicker. I just have them sign the medical form. Really no big deal. I also give antibiotics if they're past the contagious period.
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