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I also don't term for just any reason...

I see some important good things in your post. First, you are obviously concerned for your child's well being and happiness not only with you but also with his daycare provider. Some parents don't care in that respect.

Have you told the provider what exactly you are doing at home to help??

Have you asked the provider how they are doing naps? As in routine, what leads up to it, what times they lay him down, do they use music etc??

Have you asked the provider for suggestions that may help??

On the weekends does he nap with you ??

I can see you really care about your baby and you understand the importance of sleep on his behavior and well being. And, as a provider, just a parent being WILLING like you are, to help at home, means he WORLD to me.

Talk to you provider. Find out how THEY are doing it. Communicate openly. Explain you are trying to do your part.

If, after all that, they term you, I'd venture to say that may be a good thing.
She and I have been talking a lot about how he sleeps at home versus at daycare, and I have been asking her for advice. Our communication has been really great, but I didn't know if terming was something that I would get warned about or if I could get blindsided in this situation.
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