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I'm in MA and can tell you it is illegal to offer child care without a license. She isn't required to be insured, though.

Several years ago, someone contacted me because she wanted to get information on how to become licensed. A neighbor had reported her. An EEC rep made an unannounced visit and told her she had to stop offering care immediately. I believe she had to call all parents right then and there to come and pick the kids up. She wasn't allowed to take them back until she got her license. She got off easy. Some licensors are more strict than others. I'm not sure if they have leeway in how these kinds of things are handled or if their guidelines have changed over the years and become stricter.

Where your friend has worked in child care and obviously knows what she is doing is illegal, I would think they might be a little tougher on her, especially if one of the kids gets hurt while in her care. The dc parents are ok for now maybe but if one of their kids gets seriously hurt you can bet they won't be then. Also, while she may have decided to take the risk, I wonder if her own parents are even aware of the issues they could be faced with if something happens to one of the kids on their property? I would advise her not to risk it but that's just me.
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