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Originally Posted by concerned42517 View Post
Thanks for the reply. Good to get some insight from Massachusetts. Any idea how long the procedure takes in Mass to get licensed? I understand if it varies too widely to give an estimate.

She has all the property requirements and training, so as I see it, if she can get licensed she would be building her career opportunities instead of jeopardizing them.
I get not wanting to jump through all of the hoops and going to the expense of getting a license for such a short amount of time but she really would be taking a big risk if she were to do child care without a license - and she'd be bringing her parents along for the ride. Even with close supervision, accidents happen and kids can get hurt. Parents who are okay with the deal now may not be so easy going if their child gets injured. They may also decide at tax time to report the money they paid her - regardless of what they agree to now.

I was first licensed over 20 years ago. It was relatively quick back then - maybe about a month from initial application to house inspection, if I remember correctly? I'm not sure how long it will take her to get licensed now, though, since some things have changed over the years. Maybe someone who has gone through the process recently will chime in.

If she already has her CPR/First Aid certifications and has had a physical within the past year, it may save her some time. If she's already been finger printed for her job at the preschool, maybe EEC would accept that instead of having her go through the process again? That could also save her time. If I were her, I'd put my application in asap. If she has all of the necessary paperwork, it may go smoothly and she may have her license in time for her summer opening. I wonder if the licensor assigned to her preschool could give her some guidance and maybe help with the process?
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