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Yup me too, blocks, large lego type toys, books, etc. The only thing that I do that involves paint is fingerpainting since it's an open-ended project and I don't always use paper. When I do use paper I put it on a tray, we go outside and the trays go on the floor or on a small table and the go to town with the paint. If they are so young that they tend to try to eat the paint I replace that childs paint with something edible instead (yogurt, sugar-free chocolate syrup, oatmeal etc.). Yes it's messy but it works and they learn the same skills. Sometimes I don't use the paper and only use the trays.

I also go by the post-office and get various sizes of shipping boxes (or you can order thhem online and have them shipped right to your door) and assemble them and we use them as very large blocks. The littles love to stack these and it's free. When they start getting warped or torn, they go in the recycle bin.

Another game they like is easter egg hunting with toys. Give the littles a basket and put toys in it and hide them when the are not looking. I have them turn around, cover their eyes and we sing a song and when I stop singing they can open their eyes. I usually do this with blocks and each child finds their blocks that match their cubbie (child #1 finds green, #2 finds blue etc.) The older the child the more blocks they have to find.
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