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I have a few events a year, but I never thought to serve beer, alcohol or wine. Partly because it's for the kids and partly because of the expense. Not to mention that you probably do have liability if someone drinks too much and something happens, though I would imagine that's fairly unlikely

For winter, I do a mulled cider, non-alcoholic, and the kids can have juice boxes (we never drink juice or use juice boxes except at events, so they're considered a huge treat) or juice mixed with sparkling water. I also make a couple of large pitchers of ice water with orange, lemon and lime slices.
I used to do soda, but people got picky about what type they wanted and I didn't want to buy a dozen kinds for a dozen and a half people

For summer, I used to do soda too, but now I do only juice for the kids and the ice water with fruit slices in big clear containers with spigots.

It's cost effective, and not one person ever commented on the change
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