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Default Infant Chewing Socks

So I've had an incident with my DCB 10 months. He's always been the baby that takes his socks off by kicking his feet so for the summer we were golden- no socks needed. Now that the weather is cooling off and socks are very needed we're running into a problem.

The first day he was dropped off with socks on, I thought nothing of it and went about our day like any other. Put him down for his nap no problem. When I went to get him up from his nap I found him with both socks off and one of them in his mouth. Now, this wasn't just chewing on the end of the sock that he found in bed- the sock was STUFFED IN HIS MOUTH so much that I could only see the end. Obviously this terrified me. He was fine and didn't even care.

So I guess my question is what would you do at this point? I don't really want to deal with the liability of making sure to remove his socks for every nap (who has time for that!) so I asked his parents not to send socks for the time being, but that won't be a long term solution here because of the weather. I also asked that they find socks that he can't get off or put some indoor shoes over them (this hasn't seemed to be working for them so far...). I would NEVER have thought that baby socks were something to worry about in bed (obviously no blankets, toys, etc- but SOCKS?!)

What would you do? Am I crazy to even be worried about this? Help?!
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