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Play Care 04:58 AM 07-06-2015
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I feel like I've been bamboozled. During the interview 7mos Dcb was the sweetest baby. Smiling and trying to talk so I registered him. First week was not a full week but it was pretty much the same with the smiling and trying to have a conversation. I could put him down and he'd scoot around the room playing with as many toys as he could on the ground. The next week he still was smiling and was talkative but when I put him on the floor he'd play really briefly then scoot to where ever I was, look up at me waiting for me to pick him up then he'd put his head down and start crying. Once I pick him up hes back to being his normal self (as long as I'm holding him) This week hes doing everything he did the week prior but now not only does he want me to hold him, he wants me to stand up and hold him. I dont get a break because he takes the worlds shortest naps. Its like he feels like he's gonna miss out on something. Any suggestions on what to do to break him of this? I cant carry him around all day, I have other kids and things to do.
"This too shall pass"

A couple things I do with older infants - do NOT pick up and carry. If he's on the floor doing his "work" (as he should be at that age) and is crying to be picked up, I will sit with them. I do not pick up nor will I walk them. When my now 13 month old dcb was at that stage (whimpering and whining to be picked up and carried about) I would tell the other kids that this is important work that baby has to do. I would ask for their "help" so that baby learns faster (how to roll, how to crawl) they would (under my direct supervision) show baby how to do these things

"Ignore" the crying (NOT the baby ) As hard as it seems, you really can't let the whimpering and whining get to you. I use my words to comfort when I can't physically be there "I know you are so MAD! You're telling me you are MAD! Mrs. R will be with you as soon as I change Susie's diaper, make the lunch, help Tommy with the potty" etc. No they won't understand yet, but eventually they will get it. And the added bonus is that constantly speaking to them is good for their language development

Encourage longer naps. I bought blackout curtains, a sleep sack and a white noise fan. Baby sleeps in the room farthest away from the rest of us. I get baby when nap time is over, not when baby wakes...At 13 months he chats happily to himself if he wakes early.

Hope this helps!

ETA: I am not of the school of thought that an infant who whimpers to be held during the day is necessarily held a lot at home or "spoiled." I believe a day care environment can be difficult for infants and they may feel they need the extra reassurance. Other kids may be getting in their faces, or in their space, etc. Just so many variables. Keep in mind that the only way an infant knows that they will get attention is to cry. It's how they communicate until they get verbal. That's all it is. It's not a reflection on you or your care, it's not something to get upset over or to feel that something is "wrong" about. I believe babies/other kids/clients pick up on our stress, so it's important to be as "chill" as you can about it. Just my extra two cents