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Originally Posted by WImom View Post
Melskids - I have a somewhat similar set up but would like to do more. I would love to see pics so hopefully you can get them up. I've thought about limiting the amount of kids to a center but wasn't sure if my two year olds would understand. What do you for limiting?
well, the sand table is only big enough for one, and so is the art easel. the art table can hold two. now, this is the same table we use to eat, and can seat six, but when they spread out with art supplies, it really only has room for two at a time. the writing desk and cozy corner is also one at a time. the blue table (for table toys/manipulatives) can hold two. dramatic play and blocks can hold 2-3 at a time, but sometimes that gets a little hectic, and i only allow 2, or even 1, if they are not working together nicely.

so there are techincally 12 or so "spots", but there are only 5 kids here daily, (1 infant, 18 months, 2- 2yr olds, 1- 4 yr old) and 8 when the SA are here. ( the SA are allowed to take their toys into the living room to play, so the little kids dont bother them) so there is always enough room for them to spread out. (and my area isn't really all that big either!!!) but it works well. i'm sure it wouldnt always be so easy if i had 10 or 12 kids here all the time, and thats actually the reason i dont want to expand. i like the small group size.

and again, alot of time is spent teaching them how to take turns, play properly, and cleanup. i do alot of redirection and prompting. they are still choosing, i'm just helping it along sometimes. the 2 yr olds and up have it down pat. the 18 month old is still learning, but i keep him close under my wing. i do have a small area just for the 2 and under crowd, so he plays there alot, and when he's REALLY in the mood to seek and destroy, i gate that area in. he can dump HIS shelves until his heart is content. (but i haven't had to do that in weeks now.) when he gets into wanting to disrupt the block builders, i just block that area off so he can't get in and ruin their building. and he is too little to be set free in the art area, so he can't go in there without me.

some people use charts and name tags so the kids know how many can be in one area at a time. which would work, i'm sure. but to me, and this is JMO, that seems too much like school, or a classroom. i really strive to keep my home cozy. (and i dont call them "centers". they are "areas". again, JMO, but it just sounds less institutional to me)

OMG! i've never posted so much in my life as i have in these last two days!!! but curriculum for HOME daycare is something i'm pretty passionate about
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