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I can emphasis it enough. Owning your website and domain name are a must in today's online marketing. Google is both a boon and a bane. They control a lot of the internet and will make you jump through hoops to stay relevant in your business. I've never advertised with them.

When you control your own content and domain name, you use the internet for your distribution just as Google does but you don't pay for it. Having an easy to remember address like will self-promote your business. I actually had someone email me yesterday and I couldn't believe she had that address. I remembered it by memory for this post. So it is sticky to the mind and will be so to whomever she advertises her address to.

Once you have a website and address, it is important to promote them on websites that are highly indexed in search engines like Google, Bing and AOL. Doing so, raises your website's search profile and results. Advertising your listing on,, Craige List or other prominent and respected site will help your website reach more people if you link your website address in your advertising.

Just a little bit of money and some elbow grease can greatly help your business.

As a side note. Not all advertising will be beneficial to you because of many differing factors like geography, access to the internet and facility saturation. If you advertise on any site, give it 6 months to propagate before deciding to cancel or continue.
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