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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
I know you asked for help from people who use it but I wanted to chime in anyway ... I don't use it and I have never paid for advertising promotion. I did pay a small fee for web hosting (after upgrading from a free website) but my free website drew a lot of traffic even before I paid for it.

You can read here what I did and just skip to the parts that talk about internet advertising.

I do 0 advertising right now and haven't had to in years and I still get a minimum of 5-10 phone calls a week and 2 or 3 web forms (email) interested in a tour. It's mostly about updating your website on a regular basis after submitting it for listings on search engines. #3-#5.

Post your website address onto your business cards and network with other family child care providers. It's a little bit of "cheating" but handing out your card to provider's that want to see examples of websites or asking them for an opinion and to critique it will get you more hits and it'll boost your search listing in search engines. Get family to do it too. Post it on social media so your friends and fam can help by giving you feedback and they'll also help boost it. Take it a bit further and join a FB group for providers (a global or national one) and ask for feedback there too so you get that traffic too. You can even post your link here to get feedback from us .
I need to get my new site to get me these sorts of inquiries!!! I followed your article with my first site but then decided to rebrand/rename and started with a brand new site.... so I need to get it to show up in searches more.

That will be my goal this weekend. Follow your steps with the new site.
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