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I used to work at the hospital, a place where everyone took shorter shifts on every holiday, had to work 2 weekends then off the 3rd. That was before I had kids. I made the choice to switch jobs after I started a family so that I wouldn't have to work those days. If it's something you truly want to change you can find a way.

Another thought is are there friends or family in the picture who can take turns helping out?

I never used to believe in taking paid holidays off as a provider, I accepted it as one of the downsides of the business. It took me a lot of years(about 25 or so) plus quite a few daycare business trainings to finally tell myself I deserved paid holidays too. I needed them! That's when I rewrote my policies to include payment was due 52 weeks a year regardless of attendance. And I believe that's becoming more the norm now.
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