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Originally Posted by Disgruntled Dad View Post
I totally get that in your line of work you should be paid when you are retrieving supplies for the job, because you are providing a service during those hours. You wouldn’t expect to be paid for that time if you were shopping for your self during that time should you?

However for a business that provides services such as child care: they should not charge you for days/time when they are not providing a service. They should plan ahead for this and charge appropriately throughout the year to cover expenses such as closed hours doing administrative items, holidays, and anticipation average of days closed annually. If nothing more than for perception.

If I pay for a month of internet and there is a problem where it doesn’t work I’m credit for time as long it the problem is on the service providers end.
The current perception of daycare is that it's too expensive. What you are asking us to do is to make it even more expensive per week or per month to account for the days we are closed for vacation and holidays. When you try to sell that to parents in reality, it means an increased price to a point that is higher than other daycares in the area which means you may have a hard time getting clients. Parents like to worry about vacation and holiday pay close to the holidays, but when they sign up in March it is the last thing on their mind and obviously not an issue because they sign the contracts. At that point it is about the money they are out each week or month, not the holiday pay. It comes November when the holiday season is rolling around and all of a sudden it's a problem. That's when you get into daycare Hoppers who will leave right before vacation time for providers to get out of paying for it. so you can charge a steady fee throughout the year or you can charge much more per week or month to account for not paying for those handful of vacations and holidays. Either way you're going to be called too expensive or unfair because you're taking time off and still being paid for it. It's really a no-win situation for the provider in terms of getting grief about their worth. This is why we have contracts and this is why you should read them before you sign them.
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