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Default Assure childcare Insurance

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Is anyone here attempting a refund? I cancelled 9.22, on 10.16 after several attempts for contact was told give it about 8 weeks. That is tomorrow. Not demanding my refund just want an update if they are still on track for 8 weeks or if they are postponing, which would be an issue.

Had an address change and contacted twice (for a temp and then permanent) with an inquiry on an update, no response.

Got my lawyer on the line with them and the guy couldn't give him a straight answer. Cannot get ahold of the supervisor. Seems the company is really tiny. Same guy answers each call. The supervisor is the recorded voice that answers each call. I suspect they dont have the funds to provide.

If you have them but are not getting a cancellation refund you may want to change insurance; I lost my trust in their legitamacy. I get covid causing delays in a sense but the run around and lack of responses is unprofessional.

If you are attempting a refund and are getting the same runaround|lack of response let me know.
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