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Question Family Home Daycare Questions

Our local Child Care Directions Resource Office closed down last month I just recently found out. I was hoping to get my License soon and so I did turn in my request for an application from Raleigh NC. But until I hear back I have no one to ask questions. So I was hoping to get some help from you nice people.

I have 4 children of my own, and our state law says, I can have 4 more kids that are not related to me. I am in the process of getting a room built onto my house to have the "daycare" room in. There is a 25 square foot per child requirement. I don't think I have much of a problem meeting that requirement as it will be a 19 x 15 foot room. With that being said, will they count the area they sleep in or where my desk, fridge, and counter are?

Here is a sketch to my soon to be room:

Any comments on it would be great too, thanks!

Other questions I had were, since I do have 4 kids, I cannot imagine making my 10, 9, 6, and 5 year old stay in that room with me once they get off the bus in the afternoon. They will want to go to their rooms and do their homework, eat snack in the kitchen and watch T.V. in the livingroom. Will all these areas of the house be Inspected, since my kids will be using this area? All daycare kids will stay in the daycare room and not allowed in my house. I would like to keep it as seperate as possible. But I'm concerned about the inspection part. I am not saying I won't be keeping an eye on MY children either. lol. There is two windows and a door that will be looking into my livingroom and kitchen so I can see them. Any help would be great, thank you!

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