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Welcome Angelpayne24. Where did you create your room image...a program or website?! I love it! Are your beds actual toddler beds or will they be cots/mats? If they are not beds, then you might want to create a closet space in the room to store them because you will have to pick them up to vacuum/mop often. I see you have highchairs for two and two chairs at the table. Do you have a pack-n-play or crib for the infants to sleep in or infant area to exclusively play in?

I see both doors lead to your house. Do you have an exterior door to go outside and play in the backyard? Which way will the parents enter at the beginning/end of daycare? Do you expect to run to the front of the house and let them in and have mom/dad bring them back to their cubby and then you walk the mom/dad back out? It would be wonderful to have an exterior door and have the cubby storage there. As for square footage, you're well over the minimum! They subtract any area that a child cannot physically use....counter, desk, fridge, etc. I wouldn't be concerned because you have 285 square feet divided by four children is 71 square feet. Even if they only counted half your area you would still be fine. Our square footage requirement here is 36 for inside and 75 for outside per child.

They should inspect the rest of your house. WHY? Because your own children will count as daycare kids and you must treat them all the same. Anywhere your children have access to is what they will need to inspect. If not, I would be worried. You also will need a place for a tornado disaster in the lower level of your house so they should ask to see that as well. The same goes for fire evacuation routes...this will be from every room in your home since your own children will not be required to stay in the room.

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