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Default Can I Do Anything Other Than Terminate?

I've been doing daycare for about 10 years and stick to 2 toddlers and then get kids on and off the bus, because I prefer to be legally unlicensed. So my turnover is pretty regular due to kids going to school full time, every few years. I don't know why, but it seems that every new pair of toddlers are more spoiled and indulged than the last!

Right now I have a pair of sisters - one just turned 2, the other is in half day Pre-K. They are SO high maintenance and their mother just gives in to every demand. "Paige wouldn't let me do her hair" and "Ava said she needs to nap in pajamas" and "Paige wouldn't let me xyz" and "Ava doesn't think she needs a nap" and so on. I've had them for just the past school year, because mom is a teacher. It seems like every day brings a new demand, from stuffed animals (I don't allow them to bring toys from home, as you ALL know how that goes &#128580 to "I'm early because Paige wanted to come" and so on. I just want to scream at this woman, THEY ARE 2 AND 4! BE A PARENT!! I've tried gently to tell her to be more assertive - the toddler lets me do her hair just fine, and no, your child doesn't need to put on pajamas to nap. Mom just has no interest in doing anything but indulging her divas, and I'm so tired of it. The toddler is a total bully with the other toddler I watch, because she's the Queen at home. The preschooler gives me grief every day about nap, but her mom wants her to nap and basically makes me the bad guy about it.

Do I have any choice but to terminate at this point? I'm pretty miserable - the end of day report where I tell her that her toddler is a terrorist is ALWAYS met with "oh she's tired today/oh she doesn't do that at home" or whatever other excuse. I hate to terminate but I feel like I don't really have much of a choice anymore - mom doesn't seem to want to work with me on anything, and is perfectly content to let me be the heavy while she gives into everything. Any advice, or am I wasting my time trying to salvage this? You can tell me 😂

I was hoping to hold out until next month when school ends, so that I can terminate and then she will have the whole summer to find someone else. But I have Fibromyalgia, I'm stressed all day every day which causes my symptoms to flare, and I'm so exhausted. I just know how hard it is to find care in this area and I feel bad 🤦🏻*♀️
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