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Originally Posted by MamaG2903 View Post

Holy cow, I am SO sorry! A heart attack! I have had now two stress-induced non-epileptic seizures this year and my doctor has been pushing me to cut back but man, it's so hard!

I did just type and print up their "walking papers". After this post, the toddler kicked my poor sweet house rabbit because I put her in time out, and then when I told Mom what an awful day we were having, she told me she got out of work and was going to walk the dog and pick up at normal time. SO, that was my breaking point. I'm giving them 2 weeks notice with the caveat that if any violence against my animals happens again, termination will be immediate. Now I internally spazz out until 3:30 when I get to break the news. Agh, this job!!
Oh no! I hope your rabbit is okay! Poor thing!

As for having to break the news.... that is hard.
Something that helps me when I don't want to do that part or atleast avoid the drama is that I write up the notice and put it in a sealed envelope.

At pick up, I hand it to the parent and say "This is for you. I don't really want to discuss it in front of the kids so please read it when you get home and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Thank you!"

If the parent asks what it is or starts to open it right away, I just say "Susan, please read the info at home. I will not discuss this issue right now. Have a great night!" and then turn around and walk away from them.

Good luck! It's hard right now (during the day) but once it's over and you've shared the news with them, you will feel soooooo relieved!!!
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