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Originally Posted by knoxmomof2 View Post
So what happened with giving notice?

I'm working out a 2 week notice and am ready for it to be OVER. I just want normalcy and happiness around here again. The good thing about situations like these are they are great teaching moments about what not to allow or accept in the future!

I don't know for sure that I could've given notice after the incident with the bunny. Deliberate physical harm to one of my animals? Bye, right now!!! I've had impulsive kids that weren't allowed anywhere near my dogs (as in, don't even look at them.... Lol) but man that would not fly with me.
Trust me, I considered immediate termination. I have too much empathy I swear.

I told her that I was giving her two weeks notice and she acted completely flabbergasted. Asked me if this was a joke... Umm, no. I have a hard time believing that she's in that deep of denial about how her children behave, but whatever. Then she was pissed because "there's only 6 more weeks until summer break" and she's a teacher, and she said "well what if I can't find someone else" etc. I said simply "I have to do what is best for my health, my family and my daycare so this is your notice. You have 2 weeks to find alternate care. If there is any more violence towards my animals or another kid, I will terminate immediately. I wrote up a whole list of people and agencies to call, so I suggest you start calling" and that was that! Basically, she tried to get pissy with me and act like I was inconveniencing her and I just had the OH WELL, not my problem attitude right back. Because I'm making it no longer my problem.

Termination is hard, no matter how you do it. There will most likely be push back and the parent will be angry, but all you can do is hold your own. I always feel okay with terming because I know that I do more than most to try to avoid it... So I'm REALLY at the end of my rope if I'm terminating.

This is now my 5th or 6th termination in 10 years. Most were just for inconsistent or non-payment. A few were behavior related. It gets easier over time, but I still always dread the conversation.

Honestly, this DCM is extremely self-absorbed and makes me feel like I only exist for her to use me as needed. And I'm not okay with being treated like that, and the abhorrent behavior of her toddler and neurotic nature of her preschooler just sealed the deal for me. GIRL BYE!
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