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Mom now wants to argue with me on the deposit for last two weeks of care 🙄 she's not staying for the full two weeks and wants a refund. Yeah, no, that's not how this works and maybe you should read your contract next time!

Let this be a cautionary tale - daycare parents will always do what is best for them, even at your expense, so we need to do the same! I'm so guilty of having more empathy than most, and while I had every right to terminate immediately after the toddler punted my rabbit across the room, but I gave 2 weeks notice to help them have more time to find alternate care. However, mom is more than happy to screw me out of $275 by pulling them a week early! THIS is why we all need to have contracts in place and charge deposits! We also need to have more backbone when dealing with daycare parents... Myself included!
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