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Originally Posted by Mom2Two View Post
Same. I charge a deposit for potential fees on leaving though.

@Mamag I feel so bad to hear about your bunny, and I'm glad it's okay. We got a house bunny too a few weeks ago, and I've been wondering how hardy they are. Ours stays in its cage though during daycare hours.
Believe it or not, pretty hardy! My only advice is if it's a female, have it spayed (if you haven't already). Uterine cancer is the number one cause of early death in female rabbits! This rabbit is a one I rescued - she was found outside, skin and bones with a head tilt at a friend's house. They didn't know what to do so I took her in 😂 she's my like 4th house rabbit in my lifetime and the second one currently residing in this house! Rabbits are awesome because they are like quiet small dogs 😂
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