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For those of you that left the day care industry, how did you know it was time to leave? Iím pretty sure I need to leave but Iím needing some other perspectives from people like you who get the industry and what itís like. I am just feeling tired and run down all the time at work and I donít enjoy it like I used to. Thank you in advance.
When I was pregnant for the first time and closing in on my due date, I asked several friends how I'd know when I was in true labor. Their answer was always, "Oh, don't worry; you'll know!" Sure enough... lol

I think leaving the day care industry is kind of like that - you'll know when it's time for you. I've felt close to it many times but like Jo123ABC said, taking time away from the day care helped me to feel better. For me, it'll be time to leave when taking long weekends (I'm closed on Fridays for a reason!) or vacations doesn't help any more. It might be when I stop just browsing job openings online and actually update my resume instead of just thinking about it. During the COVID closure, I gathered my old resumes from my pre-day care days, all of my past job descriptions and evaluations and researched job openings in my area. There were some jobs that interested me but none enough to actually make me do the work of updating my resume and send it in. If I were truly ready to close my day care, I imagine I would have been motivated enough to actually do something about it. Good luck with your decision!
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