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Originally Posted by Snowmom View Post
I have an interview tomorrow- complete career change.

How do I know I want to leave:
1. I dread opening my doors in the morning.
2. I have no desire to do activities beyond what's necessary to get through the day.
3. I fight the urge to tell off parents nearly every day- and I do not care in the least if I hurt feelings or if they pull.

Pretty much... I've 99% checked out.

If I don't get this job, I'll pull in that 1% to soldier on for a bit longer. I'll take extra time off and hold off new enrollments until I figure it out.
Please tell us that you are still planning on staying HERE! Like BC said...once they left the business...they left us


I can't really help you. I'm sorry

But I CAN tell you this. I have been in this business nearly 30 years (I started young). I remember getting burned out many times, only to be told that I wasn't getting burned out...I just needed a vacation. Many times it did work though

That being said, I was at my former center for nearly 20 years of my career. Once I left, I realized that childcare was all that I knew of. I didn't want to go back into another center yet I had no college degree ( I was grandfathered in alot of things). So I became a private nanny.

When my former family was in the process of moving (military so I knew months prior), I was thinking I wanted another change but still in childcare. So I was applying in other centers. I wanted to go back that. I wanted "co workers"...I wanted just set hours. I didn't want to work the occasional weekend. Etc etc etc.

Long story short, I started coming back here and that changed my mind REALLY quick

Seriously- I just remember all that BS I had to endure while at my former center that I didn't want to go through that again. Granted alot had to do with the fact that I was also Assistant Director. But still.

Now I am a nanny to twins (again)...military (again)....boys (AGAIN!) and I love it more and more each day!
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