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I closed once because of the damage on my home, friction in my marriage because he had no quiet place on his days off (24/48 hr schedule), and unappreciative, demanding clients.

I went back to work out of the house for a bit. I regretted it because I only saw our kids at dinner time/weekends and it was rushed with chores, I had no time for my marriage, the house was in worse shape due to lack of daily maintenance (ironically the same problem as the marriage), and I was bringing home less money due to uniforms, fuel, and packing everyone's lunches.

I regrouped and bought a home more suited to childcare. I dropped subsidy clients, raised my rates, shortened my hours, separated the playroom from the house, beefed up my policies and enforced them consistently. I have been full and relatively content with my choice ever since. Minus the State, of course. That, however, is a ongoing problem in both of my careers, so a wash.

I never really liked anything about working in a center and had no ability to make change in one, so that is not an viable option for me currently.
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