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I have contemplated many times just quitting and doing so quickly. However, someone always talks me down as there is no way I can make what I make now, nor have the vacation time I have, nor be able to meet obligations I have outside my home, nor would I survive working for someone else...

My daycare friends that have quit tell me you don't realize the stress you are under with daycare until you don't do it anymore, but none of them have stuck with the job they quit for and generally remained searching as they have trouble finding their niche.

The ones who tried to go back into daycare never seemed to be able to build back what they had???

It's a 50/50 shot I guess, but, like I said, some days I still think this is just too much....I have been in business 28 years this year; and have completed a QRIS assessment for 20 of those....for the first time in 20 years I will go into the new year not thinking about that half-day assessment. Mine was always the first of the year and it is all I would think about during my Christmas break. So happy about that! There is an assessment, but now done by my licensor and I choose one of four items; get it, I CHOOSE! Makes it much better and more more FCCERS-R.
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