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Originally Posted by Ariana View Post
I have been closed since March and even though I knew I was stressed I honestly had no idea until I closed. I figured after a while I would miss it, feel rested and ready to go back but every time I think about opening I am filled with a sense of dread. Increasing my rates and setting boundaries didnít work for me. I still had stressful parents to deal with day in and day out. The constant reiterating policies and explaining things, parents who want to push boundaries and lie to your face, kids with developmental issues and parents in denial.... I really do not miss it!!!! I do miss the routine and feeling of purpose and I do miss the gobs of $$ but money isnít everything!!!!
I have been quarantined almost two weeks so I have worked in the daycare and really like my setup and have some ideas in my head of what I want to do when the kids come back. MY problems is it will not go like I planned and that's hard for me. I do LOVE what I do and I'm good at it...not being prideful; just saying. Only thing is I am over-passionate and put so much into it, it is hard for me to get going again when what I have planned doesn't go as I planned due to some parent, or a kid or a state interruption, etc. Make sense? I need to be better at letting things go, but I'm an OCD Type A personality and just not in my blood so
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