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I retired the end of May 2019. I felt depressed all the time, didn't feel like I had anything left for the children. I wasn't doing them any good and my whole body was breaking down, physically and mentally.
Through-out all my dc years(37 yrs.) I had so many ups and downs, so many periods of burn-out, but somehow I always found my way back to it, whether with more interesting workshops, peer conversations, being on this forum, whatever it took to get through those dark days. But I knew last year had become different and more difficult. Plus all the extras the government always wanted from us was difficult to take.
I'm 67 now and know, in my heart, I did what was better for myself and all the kids.

I hope you can figure out what will help you find more joy in your life, for yourself and your friends/family. Wishing you much luck in your decision!!!

As a side note: I cannot imagine what it's taking *now* to get through each day with any sanity intact.
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