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First I want to say sorry you are feeling stressed .This year is a tough one ,kind of like February after a tough winter.We used to joke "never make big decisions in Feb." I took a leave from D.C to care for family members (Alzheimer's and special needs).I closed for close to 3 yrs .I then tried a center as an infant toddler teacher (not for me).I was even a nanny.Then finding myself longing to restart D.C reopened with a different contract. I think in some ways you need to sit back and decide what you need.I wanted money of course ,as someone said being home has advantages. I started back with a better understanding of what I wanted for quite a few years it was good.It is hard to decide ,this year has been unbelievable, Pandemic is certainly nothing any of us lived through .Maybe use that to take a break until spring. That way you can kind of gage money,health and family wise how you stand.I would keep all credentials up to date ,not close but due to covid quarantined.You may find you want to move on ,or that you just want to restructure.This is a difficult time for people .I finally retired after a heart attack in 2015. Truthfully I somewhat wished I had just taken 6 months and reopened for a few more years. Being home is'nt all its cracked up to be. Good luck its a hard decision.
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