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Originally Posted by Josiegirl View Post
I wasn't doing them any good and my whole body was breaking down, physically and mentally.
This was a big one for me too. I'm in my 40's. This job has been directly responsible for 4 hospitalizations for me. The MRSA infection (99.99% sure I contracted it from one particular family) almost killed me 3 years ago. Plus pneumonia twice in the past 5 years. Now cancer (not daycare's fault obv).
No amount of strict illness policies can weed out the nasty of this job. The illnesses I've had because of it have morphed into a complete phobia for me.

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I work in a center and have for nearly a decade. I felt close to burn out before but this time feels different. We are soo short staffed and can no longer have any days off and one worker leaving itís going to be more intense stresswise. I dread getting up for work and the noise the kids make is getting to me. I wanted to get some perspectives from people who have been there and left the profession.
IMHO, center care is always more demanding than in-home. Answering to not only families, but a director, plus licensing and the center employee policies is too much to keep employees long term.
Why not think about in-home? You have the experience! Plus, you can dictate your policies, choose your clients, demand the time off whenever you choose to schedule it. It's obviously less secure, but can be more lucrative too.

If not, for SURE demand time off. Not having down time is extremely unhealthy.
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