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I'm finally giving notice to all my families on Friday. I've only been doing this for the past 3 years and I'm so burnt out. I have one family that is the worst. I wake up every morning asking god why. I want to tell my families to f themselves. Especially 2 families whose children have some pretty apparent special needs and are just straight out denying it. One walks on her tiptoe all the time (almost on the tips of her toes), has very limited speech and is completely delayed. Mom says she can't afford the special braces to get her flat footed. I get it, I've been broke but at some point, you need to make some decisions on what is best for your child. Plus, your broke because you smoke... the other little boy, he's a great kid but there some serious ADHD and the parents (momma mostly) babies the crap out of him. Says he's super smart and well advanced beyond his 3 years... which is a load of crap. And they drop him off at opening and leave him here until closing. Today Dad had to go home quick before picking him up and didn't get here until 4:50. Every day, same thing over and over. Plus.. there's a baby sister (10months). I'm just so sad for him.
I can't do this anymore. My ethical and moral beliefs can't do this anymore. I have policies for a reason, which include that I am not a hired hand and everyone treats me like it. I'm done.
I did get a job that starts November 30th at a local center. Which I don't want to do but it will suffice for now. With that being said, I do have some other applications out there and have done some interviews with some other companies. I'm hoping those pane out but I am not holding my breath. I've been out of "real" work for 3 years and it would be a career change into customer service which is actually something that I love.
My husband is home all the time now, along with my school aged children, and that's what really brought it home for me. I, and them, are tired of the noise and the distractions from what needs to be done. My husband is an IT Engineer and needs to be in an "office" type of environment. And of course my kids are in school but doing it at home.
Everything is just pointing this direction and I'm ever so grateful.
I told my husband the other day that it's probably how he felt with his sail boats.. the best day of your life is when you open. And the next best day of your life is when you close.
Good luck to you and your future. If you are asking this question.. maybe you already know the answer. <3
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