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I am very undecided about this vaccine. As much as I *want* it to be the 'let's get back to normal' thing, I need to wait and see what happens with it. I figure by the time it's in plentiful enough supply for everyone, most of the kinks should be out of it. I hope. I prefer to live cautiously for awhile longer.
My sister still refuses to get regular annual flu vaccines because after a couple of tries and getting sicker than a dog, she gave up. She's one of those people that has strange things happen to her body. Ex. she doesn't have just cataracts or glaucoma or macular degeneration, nope she has all 3.
And TBH, I tried for about 6 weeks to get the high dose flu vaccine this fall and ended up on a waitlist through Walgreens. They called me yesterday to finally get it and I declined. My thought was I'll keep playing cautiously, staying home more and hope for the best.

IF I was still doing dc, it'd be a different story. But I don't think I could see myself expecting dcfs to make their children take a vaccine that is so new.
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