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Originally Posted by Valerie928 View Post
Ladies, I encourage you to at least look into what this vaccine is about. The vaccine does not contain the virus in it. The vaccine was created using mrna. Bottom line is, all the vaccine does it take those damn "spikes" off the viral particles so that they cannot infiltrate your lungs. There is more to it, please don't assume the worst. Read about it.
I am not one to read/automatically believe anything the media says.

However, I am hesitant to be overly giddy about this vaccine because there is NO evidence yet as to how people react to it long term.

I know and understand what science says but even science can't predict the future with 100% accuracy and I have experienced first hand the minimal risks that "could" or "might" occur with something that was okay for 95% of others.

Time is the ONLY proof for me in regards to long term side effects.

I know that it's not 1950's anymore as you stated above but I am willing to bet that in the 1950's when women were flocking to get IUD's that someone somewhere told someone else that there was nothing to worry about as it's not the 1800's anymore. IYKWIM.

Also for what it's worth, it's not just this vaccine that I am like this about.... I am and always have been a "wait and see" type person in regards to things like this.

Lasik surgery is another example....I've had bad eyesight for years and people are forever telling me about the miracle of lasik surgery. I am hesitant though as every year they 'make great strides' in improving it.

If it was so great in the first place, how can they make so much improvement? lol! I'll keep wearing my contacts/glasses and just wait until the improvements are few and far between.
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