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Originally Posted by Michael View Post

The biggest question for me now with this pandemic is-what is the number of those that have died WITH Covid as opposed to those that have died FROM Covid?
This is the kind of thinking that allows people to believe they are justified in bucking the system when it comes to wearing masks, etc. I have an Aunt who is a diabetic. She caught Covid. Prior to being infected with Covid she was relatively healthy at 78 years old, her diabetes was pretty well controlled. She died within a week of catching Covid. Barring some unforeseen circumstance, she'd be alive today if she had not been infected with Covid.

With or from is neither here nor there. It does not seem like anyone has any idea who will be killed or affected long term from Covid. My dh (diabetic) got it, with no ill effects so far. A 30 year old woman in my town with no underlying conditions died within a week. That's why we should be at least trying to stop the spread until we can get more information and/or a vaccine.
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