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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
No one is minimizing the dangers of this or any disease. COVID is no different that any pathogen that can kill. Close to 40,000 Americans die from influenza each year but we still go about our lives. Does it matter more or less if there are more deaths form COVID? The answer is yes. But only if those numbers are dying FROM Covid. I am skeptical that the current numbers are as high as they are.

Very early on I wore N95 masks, used sanitizers, gloves, even washed my groceries, you name it, I was doing it. If anyone was taking it seriously, I was. My thinking has evolved. Back in May, my good friendís cousin died in New York. He told me it was from Covid. That is what the hospital had told his family. What he eventually found out was that that his cousin died from a drug overdose. But since his cousin had the Covid antibodies he was listed as dying from Covid. That matters. It matters with government policies and procedures, budgeting and the movement of resources. Trillions of dollars are involved.

If the purpose of these lockdowns is to keep people from dying, then the simplest remedy would be to stay safe home and never go out. That goes for any activity, be it driving, skiing, hang gliding, mountain climbing, scuba diving, dining out and even traveling to foreign countries. Iím not will make that sacrifice-living.

Iím glad the vaccine is going to be available. Those that want it and will become free, and liberated from the threat. They should be the first in line. I doubt I will ever be in that line. I go to great lengths to take care of my immune system, how I manage it and the things I put in my body.

What becomes of America- is in how it then treats those that do not want the vaccine. That will be interesting. Will we all go about finally living and moving forward or will it result in there being a policy of forced punishment or reward?
I do agree that the numbers are somewhat inflated, but even if they are only half of the numbers reported it's a lot higher than the flu. Your friend's cousin's death was caused by an overdose, I don't consider that an underlying condition. Wherever government funding is involved there is always going to be fraud, waste and abuse.

The problem I see with Covid is there are so many people who are asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic that the spread is nearly impossible to control without using the very simple tasks of mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing. I guess in my simple mind I truly don't understand why people are so het up over something so simple. It's not like we're going to be asked to do it forever.

I don't agree with all of the lockdowns being imposed. If we can be cheek by jowl at the local Walmart then we should be able to choose to go to the gym, the salon or out to eat. We each have to be responsible for our own actions. If you feel vulnerable to the virus, then you need to act accordingly. No one is forcing you to go out to eat, or to a large gathering, or any where else for that matter.

As far as the vaccine, I'm leaning towards getting it at this point, but I'll make that decision when it becomes available to me. I definitely won't be villanizing anyone who doesn't want to get it. I don't think twice when someone doesn't want a flu shot and this is no different to me. IMO no matter how many do or do not get vaccinated, these lockdowns need to end the minute the vaccine is available to the general public and preferably sooner.
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