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I'm sorry for anyone who lost anyone- Covid or otherwise. However, NO ONE CAN SAY WITH ANY CERTAINTY that their time was not their time, and they were only taken from COVID. There have been many cases where covid was not the actual cause of death, but something else. Even car accidents were being reported as covid-19, simply because the person had tested presumptive positive. There is clearly a lot of money involved, and where there is money, there are lies. I wouldn't trust anything that the government tells us at this point. They don't want us to know anything. The government is so corrupt, that yes I do believe, that several people around the world are lying, and making this a lot worse than it really is. Additionally, some people have tested multiple times going towards all the overall numbers.

Additionally, I don't know why anyone believes that a vaccine just suddenly came readily available, from March until now. SARS-COV-2 and varying different streams of coronavirus has, have been studied for many years. If you look at the peer reviewed journals out there, you will find that in around 2003, it was predicted that something like this would eventually happen. And look at where we are. Now that cannot be a straight-up coincidence. There is so much more to this whole story, there will never be a way any of us will understand it. There is way too much behind the scenes that we cannot see, a lot we do not understand, and a lot of cover-up. And yet we want to put something in our body in which we cannot examine the ingredients? Go to the CDC's own website and you will see the list of terrible side effects of the media-declared "safe" vaccine.
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