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Where exactly are you getting your information from? Who do know that took the vaccine that has "life long effects"? How is that even possible? It's a new vaccine that hasn't been around for anybody's lifetime. If you would have actually read about these vaccines you would know that they do not contain the virus in them. America is doomed because of nonsensical things people hear, read and watch that are bs.
You misunderstand. 1. I didn't say I did not see anyone else say anything about the virus being in the vaccine. Actually, the vaccine is being produced with mRNA proteins.

2. I did not say that the people I know said anything about the vaccine. I said that none of these people are all in agreement.
3. I said that it is said, that the vaccine carries lifelong potential side effects. This is published right on the CDC website. It's very easy to find the information. There's also a whole bunch of other Publications with some warning. I should have used the word allegedly, to make that more clear and the vaccine has actually been studied for quite some time. The original SARS COV - 2 studies began in 2003, but were eventually stopped. The new vaccine is based on some of those studies being resumed. Being that the vaccine is so new, it is a very risky thing to go ahead and take. We don't know all of the side effects, and I'm getting information from two different sides that say two different things, and my problem is that no one can agree. That is what I was trying to say the whole time. If the most renowned Physicians, researchers, virologist, epidemiologist, Etc cannot even agree, it doesn't make sense to go ahead and jump ahead being a guinea pig.

Lastly, there is most definitely a lot of lies and cover-up going on. And yes I do believe that people from multiple countries are in on it. Where there is money, there are problems. That is absolutely undeniable. Proving it, is a harder thing to do. However, not everybody it's good. For all we know, this whole thing was set in motion as a biological warfare. We just don't know. Therefore I am not trusting anybody.
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