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To blame ONE person for the world's problems is insanity.

It's like watching one of your children smack the dog and blaming the other one for allowing it to happen even though they have no control. 🙄

Trump is not the world's problem. And I don't even like him but can recognize that.. Please let us all take accountability for ourselves and what part WE play in everything going on today.

We (the people) are always ready to believe, whatever side we are on, what we are told by that side.

We ARE doomed because of our OWN stupidity in life. And what are WE doing differently to stop it? Hiding in our homes because some so-called experts who cannot even agree on ONE aspect of this virus so they just shut everyone down instead of quarantining those who are actually sick?
People are losing everything and the ones that survive are going to be living a diminished quality of life because they have to all start over and many won't be able to. Suicides and depression rates are on the rise. Are the only deaths worth mentioning anymore related to getting Covid?

Well persons do not need to be locked up like prisoners in their own homes on house arrest.

COMMON SENSE SAYS if you're sick stay home. We expect this of our families. This is not any different. If you need to wear a mask to go shopping, fine. If you have a cold, don't be preparing a Christmas dinner for everyone else to get your cold too. No one wants your illnesses of any kind. This is no different.

I can tell you there us a .001% chance of covid in a dance studio setting (we got this info today). 42k students, 142k classes all over the US, 838 cases NO DEATHS to date since June. These kids and young adults are in close quarters every day, sharing space every day and hardly any reports. There are way more studios than surveyed open yet...Same for my child's gymnastics NO cases reported in any of our gyms in our county. Even the open schools have relatively low rates across the country.

Wonder how that is....

One cannot tell me (and expect me to believe) Covid travels in restaurants but not a store; that it tells time and knows after 8pm not to get you. Or that entering and exiting in same doorway is safer than having a 2 way exit/entry system or that it doesn't hit large corporations, only small businesses.

COMMON SENSE says these regulations are well overstepping boundaries and do not make any sense!

I don't see blackcat31 as a follower....
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