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Thats just it, your not using common sense, people can carry it without showing symptoms and without knowing they have it, show me your statistical proof from who where that no one in your gymnastics or school has not gotten covid, there must be reports somewhere on that, either you have been very miraculously. Lucky or people are doing what they are supposed to be doing, seems to me you are believing some organization or science or whatever only when it fits your narrative
I believe almost ALL viruses spread well before symptoms since most are 3-14 days of incubation (some more).

Common sense does not say "if you don't know/feel sick, lock up"

Statistics are posted EVERYWHERE. YOU can o your due diligence to know what sources are bs and what are not.

Remember, right now, the government is a sales person. As long as they want to sell you something (fear, the vaccine), you can bet there will be a lot of bs to sift through.
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