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I agree, Trump and his government are lying their a$$es off about everything. So yeah I wouldn't believe them either, the only thing you need to believe is that unless you follow guidelines to stop the spread this is only going to get worse, as it is now,, more people will die, as they are now, and there WILLbe more shutdowns as there are now<---------------, now That right there is COMMON SENSE

Oh geez.. You're so much against Trump there will be no way anyone will be able to make you see....

Here is one of MANY journals...this one is 173 pages so have fun. Lots of links. You'll see the risk rates among children in the document from the AAP (and other sources). I am not able to share SS on here so can't give you that but again, this isn't hard to see that it is NOT like they say

People die every day. Everyone WILL die. You may as well be dead if you can't LIVE.
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