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Originally Posted by VictoryCare View Post
I agree, Trump and his government are lying their a$$es off about everything. So yeah I wouldn't believe them either, the only thing you need to believe is that unless you follow guidelines to stop the spread this is only going to get worse, as it is now,, more people will die, as they are now, and there WILLbe more shutdowns as there are now<---------------, now That right there is COMMON SENSE

"New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been praised for his urgency and empathy by many of the same people condemning Trump. His quick actions earning him an Emmy. Even boasting “Excuse our arrogance as New Yorkers,” Cuomo said — he/they would avert the kind of disaster seen elsewhere.

Yet, New York has nearly three times as many deaths as any other state."


People in my community are wearing masks.
I rarely if ever see anyone without one.
I live in a very rural area hours from metro areas.

Schools are distance learning only.
Bars and restaurants are closed.
Sports have all been cancelled.
Essential workers are the only ones going to work.

Cases are still on the rise and continue to rise here.

Common sense tells me there is more to this than simply wearing a mask, social distancing and washing my hands.
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