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Originally Posted by VictoryCare View Post
Touche back at you Black Cat, dont assume that I'm not seeing and living with what I am seeing and living with also
You are making this about politics-its not. Itís about personal decisions regarding life and business. I say- meet this virus head on. I mentioned earlier here during this pandemic that, like the flu, everyone will ďgetĒ this virus. Itís inevitable. The difference-is how we fight it.

Some, wish to engage it and others choose to stay at home. I believe in my immune system. Iím the herd immunity type. To you, that will mean that Iím a Trump supporter. I really donít care what you think. Itís common sense knowing humanity doesnít always need a scientist or doctor to survive.

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. When the war broke out, people were not hiding in their homes. 15 and 16 year olds were lying about their ages to join the military because they wanted to fight the enemy. Yes, fighting to die if necessary to save America. Better to die on your feet then cowering in isolation.

We are losing this war to COVID-19 because we are letting the fear of it crush our way of life and economy. Yes, WE are the enemy. If you prefer to stay hunkered down in your home, that is your right as an American. But you should not tell the rest of us how to live because of your fear for dying or your fear of our ďignoranceĒ.

I have not seen one ounce of empathy from you. You are as rigid as the politics you spout.
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